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Modular Construction
Modular Construction, the Modern Solution. Modular homes are like the hybrid car of the home-building industry. They save money and they make sense. In many ways, modular homes are superior to stick-built homes, and, once assembled, cannot be distinguished from their traditionally built counterpart.

Our modular homes start in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, so the homes can be produced to be much “tighter” than those built on-site. In . The home comes 80-90% complete when we deliver it to your home site. In Lego-like fashion the home is assembled, connected, and completed by your contracted licensed builder. With the drywall, flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, and electrical completed in a quality controlled, weather tight environment, the modular construction process provides a custom home within stringent manufactured tolerances.

The Modular Construction Process
Modular homes are models of efficiency and quality assurance. Express Modular's commitment to excellence begins at the design phase,. From there our computer-assisted design technology assists us in customizing your floor plans and producing specification sheets to your exact requirements. Then, once all designs have been finalized, the building process begins.

Modular home construction is made possible by state-of-the-art factory assembly line techniques. A new modular home will travel from workstation to workstation, with all building trades represented. Work is never delayed by weather or missing materials, and specialized modular home construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of every modular home we provide. Due to these carefully controlled building conditions, modular construction ensures consistent high quality. Modular home components are never subjected to inclement weather, modular construction is never affected by poor subcontractor performance, and every stage of production is carefully monitored. In addition, a thorough quality control process provides 100% assurance that your modular home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship.

Modular homes are built in a factory. This is a controlled environment that is unaffected by variables that plague site-built homes, such as poor weather and theft or vandalism. Not only does this cut down on construction time (which saves money) it leads to a better product. A quality modular home is assembled using name brand products that can be purchased by the modular home manufacturing facility from suppliers in large quantities at reduced costs.

How can you do it? We use modular home construction to provide the highest quality while providing the greatest value, making it easy for you to be successful in building your new custom home. Modular homes produced by our modular home manufacturer's facilities can create complete custom modular homes. We also have hundreds of standard home plans to choose from. Our prefabricated homes come 85 - 90% complete which virtually insures you will successfully complete the most satisfying project you will ever undertake.

Don’t wait to begin saving money on the construction of your new home...

Why use precast concrete?

Precast concrete is the ideal solution for your next residential or commercial project. Precast concrete provides durability, flexibility, and versatility both in the design and construction stages of the project. Precast concrete homes and building have great fire ratings and often eliminate the costly process of fireproofing.

Why build a precast concrete home?

Concrete homes are extremely sound and durable. A total precast home is extremely mold and mildew resistant compared to a traditional wood or brick home. Total precast homes have no beams and columns in the basement which provides long clear spans for a very flexible design. Precast concrete homes have a very high fire rating and provide a great storm shelter because of their strength. Precast floors are great when combined with radiant heat.

Why use concrete construction for a prefabricated building?

Concrete construction is extremely fast, and very durable. Buildings can be erected in any weather condition including harsh winters. Concrete, prefabricated buildings have great fire ratings, are very sound, and versatile.

What is the difference between Precast concrete construction vs. traditional construction?

Concrete construction is durable and long lasting, and retains its value throughout time. Precast concrete construction lessens the construction process which saves money on financing costs.

How flexible is precast concrete design?

Whether you use our wall panel system, or our hollow core floor system, or if you build a total precast home, the design possibilities of concrete construction are endless. Call us today to learn more. You’ll be surprised at how versatile precast concrete is!

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